Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP Solution

Advanced Business Management 


Creative Business Management Solution by Creative souls a complete application that automates your business with better reporting, enhanced customer service, and smooth supply chain management. Handle your accounts, expenses & ledger with one click. 


Manage your sales, make Invoice, handle stock returns and keep an eye on your profit & loss.


Purchase the goods systematically following RFQ, Quotation, Purchase Order, and supplier payments.

Get automatic addition of procured goods or items into the inventory. Manage Expired products, adjust your stock.

Monitor all the payments transferred or deposited into the accounts and deal with finances smoothly.


Monitor all your expenses with our expenses manager. increase your savings!


Know everything about your business profits, losses, stock reports, expenses reports everything with one click.

FEATURED Specialties

The only reason of choosing us is we provide the most advanced code in best rates checkout some of our more features below!

Integration Compatible

One click quick reports, Integration-ready, our systems enhance productivity and data accessibility.

Cloud Hosted

The cloud-based operationality helps in smooth continuation of business by reducing maintenance and IT cost.


Straightforward and adaptable systems offer accurate and pinpoint functionality.

Data Backups

Daily backups secure your valuable data for a lifetime.

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Our ERP solution is used by many businesses around the country.
Business firms
General Suppliers
Wholesale Dealers
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