Medical Software in Pakistan


Creative Souls is here with another amazing product that will make your business more easy and smart. Medical Store Cloud-based Software will help you in managing your stocks, sales & reports. Our Smart Medical Store is having amazing features that will help you to specify categories of medicines, their unit, price and add special discounts. Store owner will easily now where he is spending his money and where the expenses are need to be controlled we have created a smart option to properly check your profilt and loss margin. Daily sales will be really easy to check no more stealing of money by your employees and we all know that happens most of the time. so why waiting just contact us and get your copy.

Amazing Features

Pharmacy software in pakistan

We come up with all features that your pharmacy needs, from Batch number, expiry of products, discounts for customers, credits to your regular customers, invoices pending to pay and even tracking the position of products with just one click. All our premium features make this software as one of the best Medical Store (Pharmacy) Software in Pakistan.



Advanced Features

Get all the necessary features in your application to automate everything 


Custom Roles

Give limited access to your salesmen and accountant.


Custom Invoice

Add everything according to your business need

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